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A good plan is a 50% of the success!

On analysis may be used not only for running projects but also on technical tasks / mokap-and sites.
This allows avoiding errors and the necessary adjustments for creating a good plan of the project. View of the specifics of developing business strategy and development of the business plan.
The website is a tool for impact and interaction with specific target groups. This is important, how the site is developed and the possibilities of using the Internet and how effectively decided referred to all the tasks.Analysis has several different directions.

Marketing analysis

  • Marketing strategy
  • Define the objectives, target audience, products, niche, etc.
  • Analysis and development of business plans, recommendations and improvements

SEO Analysis

This includes activities, researches of the current state of the site, as well as competitive ones. The idea is to offer the most appropriate methods for optimization and positioning.


Web design analysis

  • Visual presentation
  • Website layout analysis, consistent with the structural functionality

Analysis of Advertising Campaigns

  • Monitoring of existing advertising campaigns
  • Prepare a plan for a campaign on the Internet
  • Аdvertising campaigns analysis, recommendations, corrections

Comparison Site competitive sites

  • Identifying bottlenecks of the site
  • Provide detailed recommendations for the modernization of the site
  • Audience Analysis
  • Usage and behavioral line of site visitors
  • UI and the functionality of the site

Web Design

Crazywebstudio developes and maintains for its clients

  • information web sites;
  • product and company sites;
  • online shops and services;
  • web portals and entertainment sites;
  • individual Content management system (CMS).

Milestones in the development

To ceate a specific project, we at Crazy Web Studio follow a several steps:

  • Throughout the initial conversation with the client we analyze the company's marketing strategy, define objectives and details of the project concept / structure and functionality of the web site /.
  • Launch the project - following a set plan we create mockup, individual design and then we send them to   acclaim from customer.
  • Development – that is the process of converting design ideas into real working "products".
  • Finalizing the project and adding a content - installation, integration and system testing.

Individual approach to each project

Each stage of development and the creation of projects requires attention, correctness, accuracy and a great desire to be successfully completed! Identity is fundamental to establish the desired quality, therefore we produce an administrative panel for managing content, original design and carefully selected basic functions of the website according to the needs and requirements of the customers.

Responsive Design

This is a web design that allows a nice looking visualization of your site on different devices with different resolutions (desktops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.)
Responsive design is something significant in recent times. The idea is to make easy reading and navigation with a minimum sizing and scrolling by the users.
We comply with these requirements and the technology.

Logo Brand Responsive Web sites Catalogs Business Cards Flyers

Graphic design

For our customers

To be fully in favor of our clients, we offer wide range of services such as:

  • concept and vision of building websites;
  • concept and design of the logo;
  • design of banners, business cards and flyers;
  • complete construction of corporate identity;
  • design of printed branding materials (materials company).


Graphic design is an art

Graphic design is an art form visual communication that combines images, words and ideas to convey information to the public in the most attractive way. Elements of graphic design include: illustrations, figures, color, text. The most common "products" of graphic design are websites, logos, business cards, magazine covers, ads, posters, brochures, billboards, book design, packaging products.


Graphic design is everywhere

Graphic design is all around us in everyday life - in our morning newspaper on the bus, on glass of the store or on the cover of our favorite book.

Creativity and profound knowledge

Тhe talent, creativity and profound knowledge of oriented approach to marketing, to create effective visual communication with the user. The aim is the viewer's attention to be drawn to something interesting, compelling and pleasant to the human eye.

Logo Identity Website Catalog Business Cards Flyers


Integration and development online payment systems.

Online payment system (or virtual POS) are important for any online store or site, which offers product or service. Integration of systems such as - PayPal, ePay, Bank systems, Sofort and more... creates convenience to the customer to pay directly to your site.
Crazywebstudio develops and integrates online payments with credit and debit cards in universal terms to all common used once. Transactions will be carried out through the electronic system of the selected bank.
This ensures the security of your customers by eliminating any malpractice and misconduct.

Development and integration of micro-payment systems

Payments with SMS, PSMS, Gateway and others. represents the easiest and most accessible way to pay small amounts for online services - is extremely fast and the client receives the desired service within minutes. Micro payment systems are used mostly for services as:

  • Promotions, games and product registration
  • Vote for the events and personalities
  • VIP subscriptions
  • Publishing offers
  • Subscription services



Production systems for content management

CMS system (or Content Мanagement Сystem) is an essential part of your web site. If you are unable to edit and update your information, you can not effectively manage your business.
Crazywebstudio will design a system for content management / CMS / for you and your specific needs. This will give you option to create, manage, store and use the information contained in web pages. Under the content is - text and embedded graphics, photos, videos, audio files and more...

Responsive Design

This is a web design that allows a nice looking visualization of your site on different devices with different resolutions (desktops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.)
Responsive design is something significant in recent times. The idea is to make easy reading and navigation with a minimum sizing and scrolling by the users.
We comply these requirements of time and technology and manufacture for our clients web sites with Responsive Design.

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Mobile solutions

A mobile version of website

Technology is evolving at lightning speed and we all become more dependent on them. A quarter of the world's population uses smartphone.

To be successful a business is more than required every website to have a mobile version and opens in mobile devices.

Over 60% of Google search becomes in mobile devices and this is the reason that Google gives a higher ranking in search of those sites that have a mobile version, at the expense of those who do not.

Mobile applications for Android and iOS based devices

Mobile applications are appropriate for each business. Developed for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc., which increasingly are used in everyday life and work.

A combination of mobile / client application / web and application / system to manage / organize your business and increase the transparency of the process.


Systems for mobile payments

With the advent and use of mobile devices in every sphere of human life, mobile payments are becoming a natural option.

Intelligent technological toys are part of daily life and mobile banking and mobile payments anywhere and anytime facilitate users.

Development and implementation of a system of mobile payments is fast and secure way to get the payment you expect.

Mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing distributes all kinds of promotional or advertising messages to customers via " wireless ”.

Mobile advertising could reach specific users to the right target group for your products at a specified time, thereby acquiring information value, respectively, and the ad itself.

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Rent a website

Rent a website is a solution for starting business

Website Rent is a decision to start a business with a limited budget. You can have your own website without investing large sums.
Want to start a business! Want online store or company website! Crazy Web Studio can give it to you!  We understand how much funds are needed for the development of a stable business...

That is why we created our new service - Website for rent!
Because our goal is to support its customers!

Crazy Web Studio offers:

  • Develop a corporate site, online store or platform - according to your business needs;
  • Individual design based on your needs and criteria;
  • Responsive design nice looking display your site on different devices with different resolution;
  • Special CMS system (Content Management System), through which you can change the content of the website;
  • Free training to work with CMS system
  • Native identity and the ability to grow your Brand;
  • Ability to support advertising and optimization of your site

What you get:

  • have your own website not invest large sums – pay monthly rent without initial contributions;
  • Have an individual, modern look of the website, consistent with the activities and scope of your business;
  • The functionality is fully adapted to your business and needs
  • Do not use ready platforms for content management;
  • You can manage your business on the move– CMS– and adapted to all devices;
  • pay monthly rent, rather than invest large sums at the start of their business;
  • use all support services and privileges as a customer of Crazy Web Studio.

Rent a website– conditions

All the conditions of manufacturing and use of the website are regulated in advance. Specify the size of the monthly rental period and full details of the rights and responsibilities of both parties. We design your site and you start to use it.
You become a customer of Crazy Web Studio and as such have the opportunity to   take advantage of all services offered by the company.
We can provide website maintenance, online advertising, SEO and more.

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Creating and monitoring of advertising campaigns

Services related to advertising that Crazy Web Studio offers are:

  • Creation and monitoring of advertising SEM and SMM campaigns online;
  • planning, creation and tracking of advertising campaigns on Google;
  • creation and maintenance of corporate Facebook pages;
  • planning, creating and analyzing advertising campaigns on Facebook;
  • production of promotional websites - landing pages;
  • preparing banners;
  • development of branded promotional materials.

The fastest growing media

Internet is the fastest growing media. There are indisputable advantages, as a channel for advertising. It enables planning, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign at any time, all that and much more affordable price advertising compared to other advertising channels - radio, television, newspapers, magazines, etc..


SMM – Social Media Marketing

What is SMM - Social Media Marketing or Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc.). SMM is a form of Internet marketing that uses social networking as a marketing and advertising tool. The purpose of this type of marketing is to create content that users like and share in their social profiles. This helps a company, product or service to increase brand awareness and expand access to more customers.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

What is SEM - Search Engine Marketing or Marketing for search engines. Is a form of internet marketing, which includes advertising on the website and improve its position in search engines through paid advertising:

  • PPC (Pay Per Clic - pay per click) most famous and effective PPC program is Google Adwords;
  • CPI( Cost Per Install– pay per install) ;
  • CPA (Cost Per Action – Payment of action). When the goal is the user to register or perform other actions on the site;
CPA CPC CTR Banner CPI Impression


SEO services - optimization, analysis and consultation

Website Optimization for search engines - Search machines or engines are search tools that allow finding information on user-defined terms (keywords). Examples of such search engines are Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing and others.

SEO analysis

SEO Analysis - this includes activities researches the current state of the site, as well as competitive ones. The idea is to offer the most appropriate methods for optimization and positioning.


Improve sales

Optimizing your site to improve the quality and increase the volume of traffic. This is a process which includes certain activities:

  • Кey words and phrases аnalysis
  • Link building;
  • Edit and optimize the web site content and links to and from other sites;
  • Мarket and competition analysis
  • Technical analysis and accessibility of the site;

SEO consultation

Performed entirely according to the specific needs of the client.

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